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We are a software company that creates custom-built software systems for UK SMEs.

Our software helps to cut costs and increase revenues, which in turn helps to transform and grow your business.

So, whatever your industry, business or need, we can build a system for you.


Benefits We Can Bring You

  1. Increased Revenues and Market Share
    More accurate information, combined with an efficient software system, helps to give you the edge.
  2. Reduced Costs
    Less time searching for, or updating, key information means more time running your business.
  3. Enhanced Security
    Roles and permissions keep your data safe, yet visible to authorised staff and customers.
  4. Improved Communication
    Keep your staff and customers in the loop with a custom based system.
  5. Superior Decision Making
    Make better management decisions with more accurate business data.

A Sample Of Features

The following is a short list of features and systems we've built for our clients.
Maybe we can build you something similar?

KDSL recognise that invoice tracking is crucial for every business, yet not always straightforward ‐ some of your clients will pay on time, every time, while others may occasionally pay their invoices late or even ask to split the payment across a number of months.

Keeping tracking of all this is simple and straightforward with a software system from KDSL. We have created a comprehensive invoice management system that allows full visibility and trackability on all revenue incurred, invoiced, paid and outstanding.

In addition, through comprehensive reporting, you can easily and swiftly gain an instant snapshot of what you are owed and by which clients.
Working closely with a local charity, we created a system that holds comprehensive information on their clients in a safe, secure, robust, permission-based system.

The system ensures that relevant and pertinent information, such as next of kin, is easily and quickly retrievable by those with the correct rights to view it ‐ and completely hidden to those without viewing rights.

A client's journey is fully traceable with this system ‐ rehabilitation outcome activity is feature and information rich and records improvements over time. Risk assessments on every client can be carried out as and when and the results accessed easily.
All systems we build can include a DM system, ensuring key documents are stored alongside relevant data. Whether client contracts, logfiles from a help-desk system, letters or emails, they can be uploaded, listed and managed easily.

As with other document management systems, ours are permission based, meaning only those users with the correct permissions can see them. This enforces confidentiality and ensures that information is kept only to those with the rights to see it.
KDSL have written a custom system for an umbrella company that manages club, coach and gymnast memberships for a range of sports clubs throughout the country. The system is able to track the fees and payments of the individual members as well as produce (and track ‐ see above) invoices payable by the clubs.

Current and lapsed member accounts can be tracked and listed easily, and users have the ability to renew member accounts individually or in bulk.

A comprehensive importing facility allows for the rapid addition of new members while checking for existing members (duplicates) and ensuring their accounts are linked.
KDSL work with our clients to ensure that data entered into one of our systems can be retrieved into a variety of reports, meaning key information is at the fingertips of our users. This in turn allows them to make necessary decisions based on accurate and timely data.

Each system comes with a range of pre-built reports ‐ created in agreement with our clients ‐ but we also provide the capability for ad-hoc queries, should a quick check on something be required. All queries can be saved for rapid future use.
A key part of the design of any system is what actions need to be, or can be, automated. This can range from overnight backups, the creation and sending out of daily reports, the running of bulk-data processing operations and much more.

With automation requirements being specified at the design stage, automation comes as standard. Automated actions can easily be extended and each client has a control panel to manage settings such as frequency and times.
Computer systems hold a lot of data and very quickly that data can become out of date. KDSL have created a mechanism for querying and displaying such data and allowing the users to "drill down" to the relevant record where the old data can be corrected easily and swiftly.

Please remember that the above list is not exhaustive, but a small sample of the work we have undertaken for our clients. You may need something similar, or something entirely different. Whatever your need, whether for the desktop, cloud or mobile, we can build a system for you.

What Our Customers Say

"On behalf of our charity I'd like to thank Andy Wood, of Kingfisher Digital Solutions, for his hard work in creating a bespoke database to meet all our data collection needs within a given project timeframe and, importantly, within our agreed budget. Andy was very professional in his approach and quickly established what we actually needed in hardware, software and design to suit our organisational needs and staff ease of use. I would personally recommend Kingfisher Digital Solutions for IT systems to anyone. 10/10" G. Atkins, CEO Headway Luton

"A big thank you to Kingfisher Digital Solutions for building our membership portal. We can instantly see how many coaches and gymnasts are associated with each club and that allows us to accurately capture membership fees." Jason, UK Gymnastics

A Selection Of Our Portfolio

Headway Luton

Client Management Software

A system used by a local charity to record all relevant details on centre and community clients, including a medical review, risk assessments and rehabilitation outcomes.

UK Gymnastics

Sports Club Membership

A system to record details of club members, including gymnasts and coaches. Includes a facility to track details, invoicing and payment of membership fees.


Technology Services

A toolkit for software companies, with eCommerce, CRM including sales, project based System Development and IT Service Management, all in a single system. Even we us it!

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